Future Performances

18th May 2019: The Crazy Games Show Show!

Reach Up Puppetry present The Crazy Games Show Show! (*We couldn't think what else to call it!)

Two teams attempt some of the nation’s favourite game shows (with some large-scale board games chucked in for good measure!)

There will be opportunities for the audience to join in too!

Ticket price includes a buffet tea

Tickets £5

Call: 01255 474 391

Games Show Poster

Past Performances

1st December 2018: Aladdin!

Reach Up Puppetry present Aladdin (written by James Barry, by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts)

Aladdin falls for Princess Jasmine, but needs to find a fortune to convince her father of the match. Fortunately, he finds a lamp and a genie, but he has to contend with the wicked Abanazar.


May 2018: Anchored with Hope

Reach Up Puppetry presented 'Anchored with Hope', a puppet musical.

A big storm is coming! Red is an old sailor who runs a souvenir shop down at the beach. He's got to batten down the hatches to get ready for the storm. But even though everyone else is panicking, Red reminds them that in stormy times we need to put our hope in Jesus.

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September 2017: Jack and the Beanstalk

On the 16th September 2017, we performed a special edition of Jack and the Beanstalk along with a 2 course meal during the interval.

View the photos from the show here.


Jack and the Beanstalk
2017-05-09 13_02_10-Reach Up Puppetry - Home

Rise Again!

On Easter Sunday, we presented a 'flash mob' style performance with puppets appearing around the church with no prior warning to the congregation. The reception was fantastic! It was a challenging piece to perform; trying to choreograph 4 teams of puppeteers in different locations had it's challenges!

Watch the video here.

Christmas times are here again!

For our first performance, we decided to pre-record and film our sketches, but we also performed 2 songs live; we had our very own puppet band!


Support us

If you would like to support us, that's great!

First and foremost, please pray for us as a team and that people will see God through us as we perform. Pray that we remember that we are not performing for our own glory, but for the Lords.

Secondly, puppets are expensive! Why not support us by donating? Each puppet costs us around £60, and we need to keep updating and investing to allow us to perform varied scripts. To donate, please email us at reachup@pieravenue.co.uk.